Mikel Romero

Mikel Romero 
Graphic design & typography
+34 639 862 982

From January 2012 to the present
working at Hey Studio.

I am from Azagra, (a little village in Navarra) but I have been living in Barcelona for the last nine years. I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Barcelona University and a MA in Advanced Typography from the Art and Design school, Eina. After graduating I worked for a year in BD Barcelona Design in the graphic design department and communication. 

I am interested in all aspects of graphic design: print design, art direction, branding, editorial and website design but I especially feel comfortable working with typography. I particularly like simple, well done work which also brings across the message clearly. 

At the same time, I work as a freelance designer on my own projects and I also teach at Idep Escola Superior d’imatge i disseny. If you are interested in working with me, would like to collaborate in any way or just like to say Hello, click here.

New work coming soon.