Mikel Romero and Jorge León have merged their skills, knowledge and passion in order to provide an improved service to their clients by creating LEÓN ROMERO, a Barcelona-based graphic design studio.
Driven by typography-led design, LEÓN ROMERO creates and develops clever and bold solutions for printed matters and digital media, focusing on visual identities, art direction, editorial and web design for brands, companies, institutions and individuals.
The studio also works closely with a selected network of collaborators from different fields in order to address all kind of design briefs.

Mikel Romero
Navarra (Spain), 1987

Graphic designer and art director graduated in Fine Arts from Barcelona University with a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Typography at EINA. Mikel had previously worked for different companies and studios like BD Barcelona Design and Hey Studio for more than 9 years. He has also been teaching graphic design at different schools like Elisava, IDEP and Seeway since 2013.